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Explore modern insurance solutions

The future requires a willingness to continually re-evaluate your capabilities, deliver top service to your customers, and never be surprised by a change in the market. Build towards the future, rather than reacting to the past.

Seize opportunities fast

Smaller, faster, and not carrying decades of patches and fixes.

Deliver the insurance products your policyholders want, when and where they want them. Ensure your customers never need to shop around. Match them to the right lines of business, at the right price, exactly when they want it most. Launch new products in weeks instead of months with business user-friendly tools.

Premade claim processes, prints and payment processes make it easy to build and rebuild new offerings.

Premade processes

Claim, prints, and payment processes make it easy to build and rebuild new offerings.

Without bottlenecks

The most efficient back-office application to help to reduce bottlenecks in service.

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Product and process examples, ready to be adjusted, modified, and go live.

AIZONA is built by adapting cloud-native principles in all business modules

It supports the rapid delivery of software by allowing developers to work on small, independent pieces of an application.

Coreprocessing engine

A core processing engine, compliant with business domain models standardized by OMG, that efficiently issues policies and contracts, enables payments and keeps track of finances. You don’t need bells and whistles, but you do need something that does the essential job of helping you achieve scale faster. Add to that a full range REST API and you have unlimited possibilities for back-office applications, portals, partner integration, and advanced product and service offerings.

Cloud native architecturenative architecture

Designed and built from the ground up to take advantage of the elasticity and distributed nature of the cloud. Business modules have been deconstructed into loosely coupled services to help manage complexity and improve the speed, agility, scalability, reliability, and cost efficiency of software delivery. Yet applications built with cloud-native principles are still ready to run on-premises or in cloud infrastructure.

RESTfulfor all processes and procedures

The REST API is fundamental for all internal processes and procedures, and the possibilities for interacting with other systems are endless. REST is by design Lightweight, Independent, Scalable, and Flexible. The service catalogue contains hundreds of defined functions and features.

Low-code toolsto quickly build

The Low-Code tools enable you to quickly build products, processes and be innovative. With the Low-code tools you will:

  • innovate and differentiate,
  • do things better, faster, and cheaper
  • engage your customers in new ways
strong fundation to the future

Get to market fast and stay ahead

Discover innovative solutions that take your business to new heights.

" AIZONA can quickly make customizable solutions because of its built-from-the-ground-up low-code programming tool. It is fine-tuned for efficiency. And it's easy enough for developers to use and build with, too."

Grzegorz Jaremek, Software solutions architect at NCDC

Modern architecture delivers outstanding benefits

All cloud-native software components run autonomously as separate microservices and are interconnected with APIs

Future Ready

Fast Time to Market and “Future-Proofing”, as it allows for easier, faster application development and upgrades. Developers can quickly build or change a microservice, then plug it into the architecture with less risk of coding conflicts and service outages.

Improved Scalability

One of the most significant benefits of microservices compared to a monolithic application for which increases in user traffic affect all aspects of the app.

Fault Isolation

The failure of one service is less likely to negatively impact other parts of the application because each microservice runs autonomously from the others.

Greater Business Agility and Support for DevOps

It supports the rapid delivery of software by allowing developers to work on small, independent pieces of an application.

Better Data Security

Better Data Security and Compliance is a significant benefit, as it enables businesses to take a more granular approach to data security.

Any Language

Programming Language and Technology Agnostic, as developers can connect microservices programmed in any language.

Two-Pizza Development Teams

Two-Pizza team means a smaller team with better collaboration, which has a significant impact on its ability to deliver solutions, when go-to-market time is limited or critical.

Lower Costs and Portability

On-demand consumption of hardware resources significantly reduces operating costs. And it's easy to move from one environment to another without making changes to the applications.

Automation is a wonderful challenge

Many companies have automated simple claim decisions and achieved a semi efficient claims processing—but have yet to build processes to fully replace human capabilities. Claims estimating in auto insurance has been the most prominent use case for replacing manual processes with automation. Beyond auto claims, automation should be implemented in the universal workflow in all parts of the business. As these new capabilities become more prolific, it will be important for companies to distinguish their competitive advantage and develop clear use cases to stand out.

two pizza development team

Don't discuss when to automate. Discuss when to require manual interaction.

Strong foundation for your business

Whatever your business focuses on - data and integration, brand and distribution, products, strategic partnerships or structuring - to stay ahead the others it is absolutely essential to have modern solutions implemented within modern architecture. And this is exactly what WE offer YOU.


Highly maintainable and testable - enables rapid and frequent development and deployment

Team Independence

Loosely coupled with other services - enables a team to work independently the majority of the time on their service(s) without being impacted by changes to other services and without affecting other services

Independently deployable

Enables a team to deploy their service without having to coordinate with other teams

High productivity

Capable of being developed by a small team - essential for high productivity by avoiding the complex communication associated with large teams

Daily business application

The daily business application can be the foundation of your business. Efficient management of back-office operations allows the company to focus on its core competencies and servicing its customers. AIZONA back-office solutions have been specifically designed to help back-office operations standardize and automate many management functions in real-time. The suite of solutions helps improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency of customer-supporting, back-office functions by capturing real-time data to create visibility and control across teams and optimize the work.

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The solution your sales, finance, and claim teams will love.

  • create policy and offer in one go
  • check available data without full "entry data"
  • make contact easy (with supervisor or customer)

Make insurance processes effective

  • non-linear process approach
  • incredibly fast user interface
  • process oriented
  • dynamic tiles
  • gaming approach (interface is inspired and influenced by the best practices in computer games design, for greater user immersion)
  • pleasant to use, ergonomic, comfortable feeling, and brain-friendly shortcuts (pocket)
  • we have designed several mechanisms for quick and flawless onboarding of new operators
  • gamification mechanisms for keeping your teams highly motivated and efficient

Two decades strong: We listen, we deliver, we excel!

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