Enjoy working with new technologies to create great solutions

Leverage your experience and interests into your career, giving you the flexibility to enjoy life!

We are programmers, analysts, runners, travellers, readers, race motorbike drivers, photographers, parents, piano players, and pet lovers. We run varied lifestyles and interests, but we are united by one goal: have fun, do exceptional work, deliver the best quality.

Collaborative networks

Our organization is built on the basis of self-organizing and collaborative teams. Each team consists of people carrying out responsible roles instead of official positions. Partnership and respect keep us happy in our workplace. Feedback lets us grow in our professions. We support each other on the way to achieving common goals.

Inspiration and engagement

Our organization structure is lean. We don’t create roles that rely only on supervising others. Every team member performs an important role and yields knowledge of a specific field. We talk to each other and discover better ways of development by discussing solutions.


We welcome challenges and we do make mistakes trying new approaches. Discussing them makes us better professionals and prevents us from committing the same when it comes to commercial use of our services and products.


We greatly value fulfilling our obligations. But even more, we value choosing ambitious goals and taking our services to a higher level. We not only keep our word – we look at how to improve and take a step further.

Intrinsic motivation

We work together and grow together because we choose to. All the benefits are nice add-ons but they are not what gives the sense of being a part of the NCDC team.


We keep things simple and adjust our rules to individual needs. Everyone is different and we value this variety. Our team is a complex system – we evolve  through encountering changes on our path.


Exceptional partners who have your back

Co-building is our way to achieve best solutions and be happy in workplace.

Whether you are a developer, project manager, or analyst - the combination of creativity and get-things-done attitude makes for a fun, dynamic, and surprising environment.

Where else can you work with customers all over the world, crazy runners, dart players, or jazz fans as well as Data scientists and devs?

It’s our passion that connects us - we all want to do something good, and build something that matters for fintech.

Action, Dynamism, Creativity Everywhere

Work smart over work long hour



We believe that work-life balance and mental health have a big impact on the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.
We switched to a 4-day work week which we believe is the right way to go forward, both with regard to people and as a way of doing business.
Our daily routine focuses on the important parts, removing what is not important, and feeling good about what we work on.
We give ourselves 3 days to enjoy our families, succumb to passions, and allow our thoughts time to wander.

How does our 4-day week work?

Flexibility of work time outside of 9am to 2:30pm

Shorter and only crucial meetings

Focus on working in a flow

What is it like to work here?


We pride ourselves on having built an open and inclusive environment where you can focus on doing great work. NCDC is a place that unites people through the exchange of ideas and the power of creativity. We passionately believe in the power of ideas to inspire and effect change.

When Pawel Finkielman started NCDC, he and the other two staff shared a small apartment “All we had was a corner for a desk”. Says Pawel. Today NCDC provides carefully designed, high-quality office space with a range of facilities to maximize productivity and help to energize a team of 140 people.
We are successful because of our employees. Health and happiness at work is a priority to us, and we have an extensive benefits package and recognition programs to support you during your time with us. We offer a diverse range of benefits that you can enjoy.

Social and lifestyle facilities make a difference


  • Comfortable office
  • Standing desk

  • Showers in the office

  • Gym room

  • Fully equipped canteen and kitchen

  • Bike and motorbike parking

  • Game room

  • Dog friendly place

  • Garden

Work Culture

  • Flexible working hours (over focus band)
  • 3 days of weekend
  • Ongoing feedback
  • International customers
  • Employee referral program
  • No dress code
  • Hybrid work model


  • On-line training platform
  • AIZONA Academy

  • Backend and Frontend Open Days

  • Sharing knowledge community

  • Budget for raising competences

  • Spanish and English classes

Healthcare/ Sport

  • Private healthcare
  • Life Insurance

  • Sports card

  • On-site flu shots

  • Fresh fruits

  • Healthy lunches

  • Tai-chi class

  • Futsal trainings

  • NCDC Business Race


  • Welcome gift box
  • Family events

  • Weddings and new born celebrations

  • Santa Claus events for the kids

  • Christmas Party

  • Team building events

  • Co-financing sport and cultural events


Liliana Zimnicka

Senior HR Manager & BP

Aleksandra Wichert

NCDC always needs talented, independent
and smart people to help us on our journey


We hire technology solutions enthusiasts each year to supplement our experienced teams. We rely on a straightforward and efficient recruiting procedure but each recruitment is as unique as you.

Careers @ NCDC

We are always growing and looking for fresh talent, with a new perspective. Interested in joining the team? Check out our current openings — Apply today.

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