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Web Applications

Web4Insurance is a web framework with +50 widgets including the Sales process (B2C), Agent site (B2B), Claim notification process, User account (My Page), Policies, Quotations, Claims, Payment history, and Personal data. We can provide a “standalone” web application with an included content management system (CMS) or integrate widgets into an existing solution.

Fast Track Tools

We have developed tools that accelerate months of programming into days of specifications and hours of implementation. These tools give product owners a prototype in excel to make sure everything is working well. These tools do not change Core, and all deployed code is open and transparent.

Mobile Applications

End customers can self-service, be presented with upgrades, and have a trusted communication channel to your helpdesk. Your assessors will have a tool for reviewing claims and damages, to record and document the situation and a possibility for the customer to accept on-site.

Intelligent Tools for Sales Staff

NCDC Advanced Sales Assistant uses algorithms to quickly give your staff an overview of customer engagement and to assess previous and future events, offering intelligent recommendations for new sales and upgrades. In addition, it finds poorly performing customers, customers in need of a review, and possible fraudulent or associated profiles.







We help customers improve

Founded in 1997, NCDC has always been at the forefront of insurance systems due to its focus on the latest technology and business practices as well as on its collaboration with customers.


The close collaboration with our customers and our ambition to deliver smart solutions pushes us to use the best tools and be innovative in our approach to creating solutions on a daily basis.
Since the beginning, it has been important to recruit the right people, with a focus on both technical and social skills.This ensures that we can create the right mix of individuals when we establish teams, with the perfect blend of personalities and skills.

“Our organization is built on trust and responsibility for the individual with a special focus on quality, regardless of whether it is about the product we deliver, the way we treat each other, or what role we have in the daily work. Respect, trust, and quality is our target.


Solutions built with different businesses in mind

Our solutions support all your processes across different lines of business, from sales and underwriting to claims and back-office. 


We implement new systems for both greenfield and established insurers, including migration, product building, and interfaces. If your business is based on a spreadsheet or an obsolete and inflexible legacy system, we would like to show you a better alternative.

24/7 Operational services

We keep your insurance systems operating around the clock, monitoring databases, interfaces, batch jobs and reacting swiftly in case of problems. Patches and updates are applied with a minimum of downtime.

Professional services

NCDC provides expert programmers for all areas of your core insurance system. Teams can be applied short or long term on flexible contracts, to provide the development or maintenance you require. Whatever you need, let us put a team together that will work for you.


Microservice framework for easy expansion of core functionality, and when a minimalistic approach is needed. Rules, processes, and event responding workflows are developed in a graphic interface, resulting in extremely fast development and prototyping. Applications designed using this architecture will reduce development lead time and cost.

NCDC develop and operate insurance systems for insurers in Europe and Latin America. We focus on core systems, integrations, web & mobile applications, designing highly efficient, microservices based applications and tools.

Technologies & Workflow

Software developer

  • We are experts in most modern front-end and back-end languages and frameworks.
  • Our main area of expertise is Java-related frameworks, with Spring being the most popular and most frequently used by NCDC.
  • The modern web design is achieved using classic HTML5 and CSS. We develop advanced solutions for interactive web UIs using modern frameworks and libraries like Angular and React.
  • We have certified SQL and PL/SQL experts. Tailored to the specific purpose, our applications utilize classic, enterprise-level data storage, as relational like Oracle, PostgreSQL, or modern, lightweight, document-based databases like MongoDB.
  • The software architecture is tailored for the specific purpose and can range from a classic approach to the most modern microservices pattern.
  • No insurance system is isolated, and we develop both REST and SOAP APIs.

Development & maintenance

  • With 20 years of experience, NCDC offers deep expert knowledge of the operation, maintenance, and development of insurance systems. NCDC’s core is created by experts in PL/SQL (Oracle), as well as database and Java developers, in order to support any kind of Application
  • We have vast experience in Insurance platforms both on premise, traditionally hosted, and on Oracle, Google, and Amazon Cloud platforms.
  • We emphasize a structured development and maintenance approach incorporating the best CI/CD practices and toolsets based on Git SCM – build pipelines, automated builds, and installations.

Best practices

  • NCDC has developed a structured software development process that improves efficiency, transparency , and code quality.
  • Wherever possible, we implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes. Using our Integrated development tools, we ensure code auditing and traceability.
  • The tailored Quality Assurance and Quality Control is a mandatory part of each development team. Workflows are defined in Jira and based on customizable templates.

Standards and audits

  • We developed our internal software development standard policies, which link industry best practices with custom tailored solutions created by NCDC.
  • As of January 2020, NCDC holds an independent service auditor’s report based on ISAE 3402 standard regarding our operational and development services.
  • NCDC recognizes that information has to be tightly managed, controlled, and protected properly. NCDC underwent ISO 27001 audit and achieved ISO 27001 certification first in May 2018 (issued by DEKRA Certification GmbH) and continues passing yearly recertification since then.

Entrust your business to us

We can help you to determine what you need, then develop, implement, and monitor that system for you. One of the foundations of our success is our ability to deliver customized systems.

We scale up the team when customers face huge challenges or need changes to be delivered fast.

We adjust workflow and procedures to fit seamlessly into the customer’s organisation.

We contribute ideas, experience, and creative input to improve customers business, workflow, and profitability.

Each project has dedicated people to understand the business, goals ,and the challenges that the customer is facing.

You will be in good companyNCDC is one of the largest specialised partners. We work with both big and small organizations and are able to give all of them our undivided attention and appreciation. We are ready for new opportunities, new collaborations ,and exciting projects.

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